Technical Specifications:

Date: 2014
Dimensions: 47 x 77 x 7 cm
Materials/Technique: Aluminum, electronics, thermic camera, code / Thermic installation
Weight: 8 kg

The Dr Sachs series is conceived as a project combining several fields: Art, Science and Technology.

Synesthesia is a real and non-metaphorical quality which combines two or more senses subjected to a single stimulus. To understand what the process consists of, we should point out that a synaesthete can hear colours, see sounds or perceive taste sensations by touching an object. He or She really feels them, they occur spontaneously and they are unavoidable, long-lasting and non-modifiable.

As is stated in some studies on synesthesia, it is not a matter of imaginingit but experiencing it. It is possible to perceive the world in an unconventional manner. Therefore, we have based our research on the development of a series of pieces embodying synesthetic processes through technology, so the asynaesthetes can discover what is apparently “absent”, in other words, a sensory recoding, thereby obtaining new readings.

Synesthesia I (thermic installation)

Investigates and embodies thermic activities which allow us to appreciate the imperceptible. It represents the seemingly absent with elements rich in colour and dynamism, creating a sensory recoding by means of thermographic cameras which transcribe energy, allowing it to be perceived, analyzed and classified by our cognitive system. The research is based on the creation of a hidden thermic matrix which modifies the temperature at different points in a scheduled manner. The changes are captured and recorded by a thermographic camera, producing a study with its record of thermic activity.