Technical Specifications:

Date: 2011
Dimensions: 84 x 174 x 9 cm
Materials/Technique: Aluminum, electronics, methacrylate mirror, robotic.
Weight: 20 kg

Vanity is ego, we are all vanity.

“ Vanitas ” Allegoric contemporary still-life, dedicated to the vanity of the individual in today’s society.

It raises the question, through self-reflection, of the most private weaknesses and self-convictions, the same which are enhanced by our own persona as blinding virtues which bring us success.

Tracing and reflecting the social banality, inciting the adoption of a dark and raw point of view about the world, immersing the individual in a existential fragility.

“Vanity is the blind tendency to consider oneself as an individual even when you are not”

Friedrich Nietzsche