Synesthesia II - Grapheme colour

Technical Specifications:

Date: 2014
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 3 cm
Materials/Technique: Infrared LED’s, mirror, electronics.
Weight: 2 kg

The Dr Sachs series is conceived as a project combining several fields: Art, Science and Technology.

Synesthesia is a real and non-metaphorical quality which combines two or more senses subjected to a single stimulus. To understand what the process consists of, we should point out that a synaesthete can hear colours, see sounds or perceive taste sensations by touching an object. He or She really feels them, they occur spontaneously and they are unavoidable, long-lasting and non-modifiable.

As is stated in some studies on synesthesia, it is not a matter of imagining it but experiencing it. It is possible to perceive the world in an unconventional manner. Therefore, we have based our research on the development of a series of pieces embodying synesthetic processes through technology, so the asynaesthetes can discover what is apparently “absent”, in other words, a sensory recoding, thereby obtaining new readings.

Synesthesia II – Grapheme colour (infrared work)

Investigates synesthesia of visual origin and personifications, when a letter, number or figure perceived visually is assigned spontaneous, constant and automatically different features that are not it’s own, as a color different from «real» as a color associated intrinsically form.

This piece confirms synesthesia is experienced idiosyncratically by each individual and the technology which helps us to materialize it in a very close way, are the cameras of our own personal devices, our own mobile or tablet will generate for us this synesthetic process capturing it, showing the imperceptible and generating as a synesthetic process synaesthete the generation of different colors and shades or on the contrary their absence.