Technical Specifications:

Year: 2011
Size: 130 x 203 x 400 cm (variable)
Materials and Technic: Stainless Steel and mechanical.
Weight: 33 kg

Sincrónica III, is the third diachronic study, resultant of the appropriate analysis of the Sincrónica I observation.

Kinetic electro-mechanic sculpture, entirely manufactured from stainless steel, composed of 32 pieces which receive the oscillating endless movement from a crankshaft composed by 32 crank-pins and 33 fulcrums with bearing. The movement is generated by a little motor with an incorporated teeth gear situated inside; transmitting it through the chain to the crankshaft.

To obtain the oscillating endless movement, it employs a guide different from the crankshaft, allowing its placement in a distance from itself, turning a rectilinear movement. Such piece, consists of some guides which allow the division, constant among the pieces.

The oscillating pieces are hanged through lines to achieve the effect of suspension.