Technical Specifications:

Year: 2009
Size: 130 x 180 x 15 cm
Materials and Technic: Chromed Steel and mechanical.
Weight: 12 kg

This is the study of observations about the same object of analysis through multiple and disparate periods of time, by an observer of observers. They give to a series of evolutions, within a same period of time, called Sincronicas, based on the above observations.
Each Sincronica reflects the evolution of observation and individual criticism.

Observe and Listen

Sincronica is a kinetic-mechanical sculpture, composed of 32 independent oscillating pieces with an electromechanical base. They obtain a dynamic visual synchronic effect with unending movement, defined by the variationin size of the pieces that compose it. The movement it is given, the projection of kinetic shadowsand the existing multiple angles of vision, all form part of one of the key points to be analysed. Together with the design of the forms assigned to the pieces a the materials and mirror polished steel finishings, they give a result of an “animated theatre”, giving rise to reactions and emotions on the part of the visitors who want to observe and be observed.