Technical Specifications:

Date: 2013
Dimensions: 74 x 74 x 12 cm
Materials/Technique: Aluminum, electronics, methacrylate mirror, robotic.
Weight: 8 kg

A contemporary still life that reflects around individualism, isolation and the conception of the individual as a social being, creating a tangible dialogue with the spectator as an active agent about his or her world. It is a robotic piece that communicates the mythological concept of “Narcissus and Nemesis”.

Allegory of the individual and his social vanity. Its surface is totally fractioned; the spectator is reflected in a chaotically fragmented way as if in the very “justice” in the form of revenge of Nemesis on Narcissus, thus sanctioning social excess, in a constant search for universal balance.

Activated by programmed servo motors; this is a reflection on the fragmentation and the individualistic positioning that reflect and absorb everything surrounding the human being creating new perceptions of reality.

This apology and condemnation of the individualistic narcissism expresses the contemporary man’s concern about himself, looking for his reflection and constant reaffirmation. Self-discovery and the liberation of the individual through his own interior revolution, in a persistent search for knowledge and self-fulfillment.