Mesh Cell

Technical Specifications:

Year: 2010
Size: 63 x 153 x 13 cm.
Materials and Technic: UVI print, stainless Steel and wood / Moiré kinetism
Weight: 14 kg

Mesh Cell is a kinetic disorder of vital slogan that is born and emerges of the previous trigger study of the collection New Core Cineticograficas, study that penetrates into the similar one between inheritance of natural life and artificial life. The result is an evolution of life and to exist. Mesh Plasm invites the visitor to realize a both physical and visual tour, across his animated image, where the interaction work – visitor across his own movement is essential and for which every individual develops the only and different experience, giving I happen to generate in the individual a previous exercise of analysis between the different forms of life across his optical perception.

Mesh Cell is conceived by means of a more complex pattern of interference. It doesn’t only produce the desired effect, of kinetism, but a new added concept is introduced to the resultant whole, a new 3D optical effect, similar to a holography. A part of the light is reflected in the key place, a railing of polished stainless steel rods, generating an effect similar to the hologram, together with the study of distances between the latent image and the previously named railing.