Technical Specifications:

Year: 2010
Size composition (both pieces): 62 x 130 x 13 cm.
Materials and Technic: UVI print, stainless Steel and wood / Moiré kinetism
Weight: 4 kg

Law engraved on nature, rhythmical or arrhythmic life, but it doesn’t cease, paroxysm or the beginning of a dilatory path to the ultimate lethargy. Blurred origin, full of rising light, anxious beats caused by an uncertain future and excited by the brisk becoming of events.

Dual, double interactive communication channel between work and visitor, dynamic reflections which interact with our own movements, personal beats, rhythms and arrhythmias, reception and expulsion, pollution and oxygenation, purified?

Dual Cineticográficas is conceived by means of a more complex pattern of interference. It doesn’t only produce the desired effect, of kineticism, but a new added concept is introduced to the resultant whole, a new 3D optical effect, similar to an holography. A part of the light is reflected in the key place, a railing of polished stainless steel rods, generating an effect similar to the hologram, together with the study of distances between the latent image and the previously named railing.