Technical Specifications:

Date: 2011
Dimensions: 112 x 202 x 13,5 cm
Materials/Technique: Aluminum, electronics, Dibond, methacrylate mirror, robotic.
Weight: 32 kg

“ Void Devotion ”, speculates about the individualism, the isolation and the conception of the individual as a social being, creating a palpable dialogue with the audience as a participative agent around its world.

Robotic piece which transmits the mythological concept of “ Narcissus or the age of the emptiness strategy” by Gilles Lipovetsky. This is an allegory to the individual and its social display ( Narcissus myth reference) whose surface appears completely divided, so as the society was disjointed and every element would move as independent, without any connexion. Triggered by programmed servomotors; it is the consideration of the fragmentation and the individual positions which reflects and absorbs everything that surrounds the human being, creating new perceptions of reality.

This apology and denunciation of the individualistic narcissism, gives expression to the current man concern by itself, searching its reflection and constant reassertion. The scrutinized for the “ego” and the individual liberation through its own inner revolution, in a persistent search of knowledge and personal development.