Aimless in the city

Technical Specifications:

Year: 2015
Duration: 4′ 30″
Technic: Single-channel HD video projection / Found footage

We have always been fans of the cinema, as it tells stories and is a clear example of society at any given moment. It is the medium which best conveys feelings, capable of reaching anyone, regardless of his or her purchasing power, beliefs or social status.

We have therefore based this series on a compilation of small films excerpts, relying on the characters themselves and their stories to create atmospheres which imbue the viewers with a feeling, a sensation, a state, enriching their critical view of the world around them.

Reflecting on individualism, isolation and the conception of the individual as a social being. Materializing the above by means of the editing of multiple classic and contemporary film excerpts and thereby generating more direct dialogue between the viewer and the work as a result of sequences which are, on occasions, popular and well-known to all of us.